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LED Drivers

Certified LED Drivers(Isolated)


A certified LED driver means it has passed relevant safety, performance and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests and has been approved by an authority.

Intelligent LED Drivers

Intelligent LED Drivers 1 (600x391).png

Intelligent LED drivers can not only provide stable current and voltage for LED lamps, but also have intelligent control functions, making LED lighting systems more flexible, efficient and easy to manage.

Emergency LED Drivers

Emergency LED Drivers 1.png

Emergency LED drivers are automatically switch to backup power source (such as battery, super capacitor, etc.) to continue to provide power to lamps and ensure the continuous operation of the lighting system. Widely used in emergency exit indicator lights, fire lighting and emergency lighting in other key places.

Intelligent LED Strip Light Controllers

Intelligent LED Strip Light Controllers 2.png

Intelligent LED Strip Light Controllers Receive instructions wirelessly or wiredly to change the brightness, color, dynamic effects, etc. of the LED light strip, providing users with a rich lighting experience.

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